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Saturday, May 23, 2020

How to Make Youtube Channel In 2020

How will you be a friend? This is the crow. And in this Article. I will show you how you know how to make your own YouTube channel on YouTube for 2020. This will be a basic video and is a total to help you and everything you need to know. So when they're on YouTube, they didn't notice there's no button signal. Instead, you must enter and verify the login and click create an account here.

Not from here. You guys are done, click I would like a new Gmail address to continue now and enter your name in a Google username. Then this username will be your email. So go ahead and put on whatever you want, put on the Krakow Canal, and then go ahead and put on your pass for your birthday, your gender. Sometimes you may have to enter your Google phone number, but for me, they didn't ask to go back to a specific account when they finished and their new email address is the Krakow channel at Continue to YouTube. Now what you guys are on YouTube are going to go ahead, and in the upper right corner of the screen click on that and click on Creator Studio. This is where you control everything you do to create a channel right here. Now from here click on you are a company or other names, don't click on Channel. Click this button, instead, now where it says name or Channel, go ahead and name it whatever you want. I'm going to go ahead and put in the Croatian code.

how to make youtube channel in 2020

And then we are like a category. No matter what you choose, you can put whatever I am going to put. I agree and ready and there you have it. Now what they are going to do is follow and watch their channel. So fast on the board here on aboard. You can see the number of visits and the number of subscribers that the boys receive and now I will call their things Glen View Channel under your name from here. You can go ahead and put some channels that are placed in the ADD channel art gallery. You can see presets of banners. You can put you can also upload your own So Gone upload photos, select a photo from a computer and find out which are better. If you want to know how to make a banner and a logo, go ahead and configure the annotation on the screen. It will teach you how to make your own channel design. Now do something for the logo, click on the little pencil and look at it and I'm going to take you to Google Plus from here, they're going to go ahead and click on select a folder on the computer, click on that button to find your logo, do click open from here. All you have to do is go ahead and adjust your harvest. Once you adjust it. Go ahead and occupied spaces in your profile picture. Now when you guys said as a profile picture if it could take up to an hour for it to show on YouTube. Sometimes you have to wait, but if you update your page, you can see my logo and banners. They are not together by uploading a video clip on the upload button right here.

What they did, you will see a little arrow at the top in front of the Like files to upload, just click on that button and look for any videos that have been uploaded. I have some GTA V games. So this is my example video. Now you Tyler are what you want. The basic title. I will put is GTA V jumping from a helicopter. Now, once again a description of your video, you can put what you want, but try to make a description of a little peeling For more information now on labels. Putting labels are relevant to a video. For example, the game Grand Theft Auto V GTA V and a helicopter. Whatever is relevant to your video. Now don't spam many tags, just use the necessary ones. The more tags you put it won't mean more views to post and now you guys will go ahead and just wait for it to process if you go back to the Creator Studio and click on a video you might notice what these videos are going to say Processing verification again later. Just give me a couple of minutes or seconds and update later, as you will see that there is my video and it is ready. That's basic is that now? I'll show you one thing, click on the video manager.

Once they're done, go ahead and click edit from here. You can choose your thumbnails for the videos if you are wondering if you can also set a custom thumbnail, but to do so you have to find a partnership network that I will explain later in a different video for you. Sinclair community here. I will show you comments on your video posts from other YouTubers channels which you can see here in the community guidelines and Ian's copyright if they are subject to wrong copyright. So make sure they don't upload videos that are not yours. I also recommend that you check the channel so they can upload more than 15 minutes. It helps Google know that you are now a legitimate YouTuber if you are bothered to be seen and I will text you when you click on this. This will tell you how many views Sky has. you are making a day as long as how much money too. You can make money on YouTube and I will make a video about that in my next video to show you guys about it, I thank you so much for watching and see you next time.

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