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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

10 Famous Kids Who Ruined Their Careers

it's not easy being a child star in Hollywood you can't escape from thespotlight your parents have control overyour fortunes and you can't enjoy thesimple things that most kids get to doevery day and for these 10 famous kidsthe pressure was too much causing themto spiral out of control some in moredramatic ways than others where did itall go wrong and what are they doingwith themselves today let's go ahead andfind out Jaden Smith our first cab offthe rank is Jaden Smith sure he's beenan actor and he's been a rapper but alot of people would say that most of allhe's been a letdown he's the child ofWill Smith one of Hollywood's mostbeloved actors Jaden was always set upfor success and for a moment we thoughthe'd reached it we fell in love withyoung Jaden thanks to his role asChristopher and the pursuit of happinessback in 2006 where he got on screen withhis death our hearts melted as the pairfought off poverty and homelessnessafter that he played Dre Parker in TheKarate Kid and khatai rage after againalongside his dead after earth was atotal flop landing an embarrassing 11%critic score from here it all turnedsour for Jaden as he got older he had toleave his cute childhood persona behindand he got a little weird he embarrassedhimself in interviews claiming that hecould in fact manipulate time and onTwitter putting out obscure tweets likehow can mirrors be real if our eyesaren't real and most trees a blue okayJaden anyway then the acting career cameto a halt and instead he moved over theworld of musicreleasing serie in 2016 an album thattook threeyears to produce many think that hecould make a comeback if he can get overhis sense of entitlement lindsay lohanno list of topsy turvy childhood starsis complete.

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without miss Lindsay Lohanthe enchanting redhead took center stagefrom day one but it was at age 11 whenshe starred as Hallie and Annie thetwins and Disney's remake of The ParentTrap that she really shot in his superstardom with Freaky Friday in 2003 andthen of course you have Mean Girls in2004 Lindsay Lohan became a householdname yeah she had fame and fortune butthat meant that she became a massivetarget for the tabloids and it took itstoll on the young actress even when shewas still working she'd walk up to afilm set late after oversleeping andarrived at locations wildly hungoverdrained from the LA party lifestyle itall spiraled out of control in 2006 30days of rehab to DUI arrests as well ascharges for possession and drivingwithout a license the punishmentcommunity-service one solitary day injail three years of probation and analcohol education program the personalproblems continued into the early 2010resulting in the loss of several filmroles and plenty of negative mediaattention but that was some time agowhat's she up to now by all reports Lyleo is back on track which is great she'sproduced an MTV reality series calledLindsay Lohan's Beach Club following thestory of the launch of her actual clubin Mykonos Greece she's had a clearmental change as well wanting to put herissues behind her demanding to a varietyreporter to quote stop rehashing my pastfor no reason because everything isdifferent now Justin CooperJustin kicked off his acting journey andpizza commercials when he was just fiveyears 

old from there you go on to doguest appearances on the beloved sitcomfull house everything was moving in theright direction and then his big breakcame when Tom Shadyac the director ofLiar Liar thought that he Justin Peckperfect look to star alongside JimCarrey after the film's enormous successJustin went on to star in a few moremovies did Dennis the Menace strikesagain and the adventures of ragtimefast-forward to today and Cooper is afully grown adult since 2017 Cooper hasbeen a producer and on-air commentatorat Fox Sports Radio out of Los AngelesHaley Joel Osment you might remember ayoung Haley Joel Osment as the boy whocould communicate with spirits in Mnight Shyamalan 1999 thriller The SixthSense Haley was just 11 years old andfor that he became the youngest personin history to be nominated for anAcademy Awardbut then as he aged his looks started tobecome less relevant and Haley foundhimself doing more and more voiceoverwork and without enormous filmingprojects holding him back Haley ended upgraduating from NYU's Tisch School ofthe Arts in 2011 and now as a 31 yearold he looks completely different backthat kid next up Russell horny whoo yeahexactly you'll know this kid as thebackpack kid or the dude who started theviral dance flossinghe made the dance move a globalphenomenon in 2016 after sharing hismoves on social media thanks to a littlehelp from Rihanna and Katy Perry ofcourse well Russell actually flossed hisway into the music industry releasing asingle call to drip on boat he tried tostart a new hashtag with another dancemove in the music video

but it didn'tworkMatilda mara Wilson the name Marnellwilson probably doesn't ring a bell these days because after her enormous success in her youth her relevance quickly faded but why Hollywood casting agents simply decided that Wilson had too much of an unusual look when she grew out of her cute kid typecast and she was fully aware of this too now living in Queens New York Maura ended up going down the writing path becoming a successful author she's written articles for online magazine crack calm wrote a play called sheeple that was produced in2013 and published her own memoirs in2016 called where am I now Richard sandrac do you remember the world's strongest boy how could 

you not this kid whose real name is Richard Sandra was a child sensationas an eight-year-old Ukrainian-born Richard was bench pressing 210 poundsand weighed just 80 pounds himself soit's no wonder why people called him little Hercules with such an athleticphysique for a kid of his age a documentary called the world's strongest boy was made with slingshot at his nameup in the lights whereas Mr. muscles today well take alook he's 27 years old now and richardis almost unrecognizable these days he'sworking as a stuntman at UniversalStudios Hollywood and he hopes to oneday become an engineer for NASAdrew Barrymore after six-year-old Drewscored a role in Steven Spielberg'sblockbuster ETV extra-terrestrial hercareer explodeddrew Barrymore made the 90s her own butat the age of nine she had someobstacles thrown away without her fatheraround Drew's mother would take heralong to nightclubs where a young andvulnerable mind saw firsthand theeffects of drugs and alcohol thingsstarted to look better after she hadsuccessfully filed for emancipation atage 15 but then she took another wrongturn when she was 19 by posing forPlayboy with all of this controversyHollywood was hesitant to work with herfast forward to today and former et starhas been able to put her troubles behindher recently starring in thebutt-kicking remake of Charlie's AngelsMacaulay Culkin there's perhaps no childstar more famous than our next yes aswell as no fall from grace moredocumented the home alone actor got hisfirst taste of showbiz at the age offour by appearing in off-broadway showsbut it wasn't until home alone dominatedthe box office that Culkin really made aname for himself since he was alreadythe most famous and highest-paid actorof his age at this point.

 he was muchmore likely to ruin his reputation thanprove it and alas that's exactly what hedidCulkin couldn't handle the pressurethrust upon him by his parents whoentered him into a custody battle thatwas more focused on his million-dollarfortune than him as a human being thenin 2004 the once famous child actor wasarrested for possession of a cluster ofdifferent illegal substances and becauseof his insane level of fame the presswas ruthless keeping out at thehollywood wine white as much as he couldMcCully ended up playing in a parodyband called Pete's underground is themusic any good we're gonna let me take alisten and decide for yourself amandaBynesshe hit the ground running as a childactor a handful of movies followed inthe 2000s but then in 2012 she announcedthat she was retiring from actingstruggling with the negativity portrayedin the tabloids and that's when thingsstarted to get weird not long after shewas involved in an accident with apolice car for which she was arrestedand charged with a DUI 2013 was anothermessy year with arrests for illegalsubstance possession and evidencetampering and she even reportedlystarted a fire on a stranger's propertyfortunately once out Bynes was able tostraighten out her life focusing on manyfamily relationships and attendingCalifornia's Fashion Institute of Designand Merchandising graduating recently in2019 from the outside she appears happyand healthy but it's still hard tobelieve that her last acting credit waseza alongside Emma Stone in 2010being a child star might look easy butthere is clearly a bunch of pressurethat's put on you that we might notalways think about are there any childactors that we may have missed talkingabout maybe some that you loved growingup let us know in the comments sectiondown belowmake sure to like this video andsubscribe to the richest and join ournotification squad thank you so much forwatching and we'll see you next time

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