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Friday, September 18, 2020

10 Pairs of best friend in MCU! Who does your favorite?

Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes Though it was heartwarming to see Steve Rogers getting his happy ending with Peggy Carter, it's a little sad he had to say goodbye to his best buddy Bucky. Steve Rogers and Bucky are two of the pioneering characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Their turbulent friendship is one that not only has withstood time but has also driven many narratives within the MCU. Steve's loyalty to Bucky even where he would be risking his life is what has made this duo so loved by audiences. Before the pair became super-soldiers, there was a solid bond formed between them since the early days they met. Although Bucky was brainwashed, which made them enemies for a time, Steve still never left his friend alone and tried his best to help Bucky escape his dark past. It's clear these two would do anything for each other. Iron Man and Spider-Man It's undeniable that in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the audience can hardly find a second pair of interesting friends like Iron Man and Spider-Man, despite the big age gap between them. Tony Stark likes a friend, a father, and a teacher of Peter Parker. They met each other for the first time in Captain America: Civil War when Tony convinced Peter to help him defeat Steve Rogers's side. In Spider-Man: Home Coming marked Ironman's role as an "important adviser" for Peter Parker. And when it came to "Infinity War", these two together struggled against Thanos in space. Especially in Endgame, one of the motivations for Tony Stark to carry out time travel is the desire to revive Spider-Man. 

However, in this movie, they reunited and then separated forever, because Iron Man sacrificed himself to save the world. The pair of Robert Downey and Tom Holland had a good and emotional interaction which earned them a lot of adoration from the views. 3. Stephen Strange and Wong Wong is the most trusted friend of Doctor Strange. He has been repeatedly criticized for perpetuating negative Asian tropes . He's generally used as a plot device, but he ends up in some darkly comedic situations. And some folk may surprise that Wong absorbs Stephen’s pain. He takes a much darker turn than others. It’s almost cult-like and makes Strange seem more godly than he is usually portrayed. Thor and Rocket Raccoon The performance of the God of Thunder and the alien friend coming from space, Rocket, brought to the audience a lot of humorous experiences. 

In Infinity War, they have gone through an exciting journey, starting from the moment the Guardians disbursed the galaxy to save Thor. Later, the God of Thunder and Rocket arrived at Nidavellir. Thanks to Groot's help, Stormbreaker ax was born. And by Endgame, Rocket is responsible for reviving morale insider Thor who is engulfed in drunkenness to hide the pain. The two made a time travel to Asgard in 2011 for the finding of the Reality Stone. The performance of this couple has brought the audience many hilarious moments. Tony Stark and James Rhodes Tony and James are best friends from the first movie about Iron Man to Endgame. The two have been together in many big battles such as the fight against Obadiah Stane in Ironman (2008), the battle against Ultron's legion in Sokovia in Age of Ultron (2015), and the internal war in Civil War (2016). Iron Man has almost lost control when he saw his best friend seriously injured in the battle against Captain America. This shows that, after Pepper Potts, War Machine is an indispensable important part of Tony Stark's life. Besides, in Infinity War, they went against Thanos, one in Wakanda and one in space. In Endgame, War Machine had to say goodbye to his best friend and had to live with that loss forever. Black Widow and Hawkeye Their relationship lasted for years and ended by the death of Black Widow. They have their own lives but their bond is almost sibling-like. Clint Barton helped Natasha out of a bad situation and since then they became great friends. They will have always have each other’s backs and that bond between them is going to become even more important in Avengers: Endgame. For Hawkeye, Natasha was so familiar with the family that Hawkeye’s daughter would call Black Widow “Aunty Nat.” He was also willing to tell her his deepest secrets. And for Black Widow, it’s almost as if she has failed the world. Growing up she was trained to be an assassin, nothing more, but Clint saved her from that dark world, showing that there was more to her deadly skills than just killing people.

She could use her talents to help others and she made that her mission Peter Parker and Ned Leeds In the comic version and the first two films, Peter Parker was likely to be isolated in his school. To protect the people closes to him, he tried to hide his true identity from the people around him. And he'll typically do everything by himself, including carrying out inner conversations. However, for Spider-Man: Homecoming, director Jon Watts is borrowing from the Miles Morales playbook by giving Peter Parker (Tom Holland) a best friend, named Ned Leeds who he can confide his superhero-life to. Ned understands Peter’s life and he thinks he’s the one who can help him deal with being a crimefighter and deal with girls. Rocket and Groot Guardians of the Galaxy has become one of the most favorite movies in the Marvel Universe. Apart from some regular faces such as Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket Racoon and Groot is an anticipated couple in the film. The relationship between the two has significantly grown since the pair was introduced for the first time. As two of the most outlandish characters in the MCU, Rocket, and Groot looked like a pretty mismatched pair, but as soon as you spend a few minutes with them, it's clear they were meant to be together. Although Racoon didn't show so much adoration toward Groot at first, when it came to the death of Groot, the audience can witness how much these two do really care about one another. Moreover, the bond between Racoon and Baby Groot is much more adorable. He always takes it upon himself to look after his little friend who means so much to him. Professor X and Magneto In all seriousness, Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr have a past like no other. They are the best of friends and the bitterest of enemies. 

Appearing for the first time in the first chapter of X-men in 2000, Professor X and Magneto are not the only nemeses, but also clearly understand each other. After the X-Men successfully prevented the conspiracy of turning the world into mutants, Erik Lehnsherr was in prison and the person visiting him was none other than Charles Xavier. They together played chess and talked about memories and the upcoming confrontation because Charles knows that there was no prison that can capture his best friend. Despite confronting all the time, fans still easily recognize the feelings between Charles and Erik for each other when they both dealt with the power of Jean Gray in X-Men: The Last Stand. Scott Lang and Luis Scott Lang seems like the most down-to-earth of all the Avengers. He is just a regular guy who is very excited to be one of the superheroes. That attitude is probably helped a lot by his buddy Luis, one of the most positive people in the world.They still are willing to do the right thing when called upon and have fun doing it. They might be unlikely heroes, but they trust each other even when no one else does.

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