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Friday, September 18, 2020

Interesting Facts About Sophie Turner In 2020

As a true fan of the series "Game of Thrones" and "X-men", it is cruel not mentioning how Jim-dandy Sophie Turner's performance is.Not only she brought heart, and yet some waves to Sansa Stark – the character from "Game of Thrones" once caused a lot of hate among audiences, but brought the soul into JeanGrey – the beautiful but super powerful and dangerous phoenix in "X-men: Dark Phoenix" and "X-men: Apocalypse".Playing the Queen of Winterfell in Game of Thrones and the Phoenix of Darkness in X-Men, Sophie Turner has a dream acting career when she was only 23 years old. And, let us serve you with 13 interesting facts about Sophie Turner that you may not know about our girl.Stay tuned!Humble beginnings begin our list with, let's talk about Sophie'sbeginning.Turner may live the high life of a celebrity these days, but she boasts far humbler roots.She was born into a working-class family in Chesterton, Warwickshire, England, in 1996.Her mother was a nursery school teacher while her father worked for a company that distributed pallets to warehouses.Not exactly the most glamorous of occupations, but bills need to be paid.Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones is her first major roleUnexpectedly, the first major role that Turner received was Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones.She made her debut on the show in 2011 and has received many award nominations for her acting.Turner said she had an affinity for acting at the age of 3Sophie Turner joined the Playbox Theater Companytroupe when she was only three years old.

It was her mother who took her to the acting class.She also always wanted to become an actress.In an interview with a local newspaper, CoventryTelegraph, she said: "Playbox Theater Company is a place that helps me practice my acting skills.The first play I participated in was called scary Play, which was directed by StewartMcGill, who was amazing.Playbox is a fun environment, all members are sociable and seriously acting ... ".She has an Instagram account specializing in sausage reviews 2018 NME magazine post shared that Turner had an Instagram account for sausage reviews.The @SophiesSausageReviews account has about34,800 followers and the description reads: "Passionate about sausages." The actress reviewed various types of sausages on her account in April of that year, but unfortunately, she has now stopped posting.She said that social media followers helped her get the role of Sansa StarkThe Telegraph cites Turner's 2017 interview with Porter magazine that social media helped her get the role of Sansa.She confessed, "I compete with another girl who performs a lot better than me, much better, but because I have a large following, I was chosen." She also added: "A lot of my accomplishments are due to the timing and luck, but because of it, Will, and I am means a lot to us." She said Will had a similar tattoo and James should have followed the two, but he decided not to.Turner also has another tattoo coupled with her bestie - Maisie Williams.The tattoos say "07.08.09", which represents the date that both of them received the news that they had been cast for the show.

Sophie is only one year older than Maisie!If you follow them on Instagram, they will have the nickname Mophie.The two tattooed the day they met on their bodies.If you're a true fan, you might have watched their hilarious Carpool Karaoke sessions.Maisie may be the best part of Sophie.Maisie will be a bridesmaid at the wedding of Sophie Turner.She has natural blonde hair although Sansa Stark is famous for her legendary hair, Turner is born with blond hair in real life.Turner said in an interview with Marie Claire magazine earlier this year: "The color of my hair that bears my personal identity most yellow.That's my natural hair color.With red hair, I feel more nobler, more powerful.But when I have blonde hair, I feel normal and a bit tomboyish, - a short story byLev Grossman, and City of Heavenly Fire - in Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments series.Turner is allergic to horses.Game Of Thrones is set in a fictional fantasy kingdom, which means it features all kinds of otherworldly threats, such as frost giants and dragons.However, Sophie Turner is only afraid of one of the animals that appear in the show, and it's not the one you might expect.Although her family owns a farm Turner is allergic to horses.Though horses are the most common form of transport throughout the kingdoms seen inGame Of Thrones, Sansa will only be seen riding one when absolutely necessary.This is because, while not directly afraid of the animals, she is afraid that her allergic reaction will appear to swell her up whenever she is near them.The actress has to keep an inhaler with her on the set for any bad case." Drain-phobia" With all the danger that comes from being a member of House Stark on Game of Thrones- a show famous for brutally and unexpectedly killing off characters left, right, and center– Sophie has a rather different fear: drains.In interviews, she has mentioned the fact that she has a phobia of walking over drains in the street, as she is afraid of both the possibility that the covers could break or what lies beneath.Apparently, she says the word "onions" whenever she has to step over a grate to "reverse the curse".

Hey, whatever works, right!She has a soft spot for dire wolves you remember Lady - Sansa Stark’s dire wolf in Game of Thrones, who got executed by the similarly-doomed Eddard after nipping at the evil and quite bratty royal heir, Joffrey Baratheon?As one of Turner’s dreams while growing up to have a dog, when she heard Zunni – the dog that played Lady had no place to go after her time ended on the series, Turner knew immediately she wanted to make Zunni a part of her family.Zuni lived until the age of 11, mostly with Sophie's parents in Warwickshire, and rested in peace in 2017.A huge Biebs fan!Turner admitted she's "always loved" the Biebs.Her mother even made her a "life-size cardboard cutout" of the two of them together when she was 16.She received the gift in tears.Turner met Bieber while visiting a house in Miami with her now-fiancĂ© Joe Jonas.The two were asked if they'd like to receive a tour of the home, and Turner was told Bieber was actually resting upstairs.She then spotted him sitting shirtless and receiving a head massage.She tried to play it cool and introduce herself, but failed.She later ran into the closet and cried for, like, five minutes.After regaining her composure, she left the closet and heard Bieber asking Jonas about his rumored new girlfriend.The former Jonas Brothers band member confirmed he was dating Turner.Then, she turned around to say hello again." And Joe has never let me live it down since," she said.Well, what an awkward fan-girl moment!And, how cute is it when even a star got starstruck.Here you have the epic 13 fact-on-facts list about Sophie Turner!We hope you found something interesting about the actress in today's articlen, and hopefully get closer to your idol because she is no doubt a young, talented person with a kind soul.Thank you for Reading.

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