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Thursday, April 29, 2021

How To Set Up A Website - EVERYTHING You Need To Know 2021

Making an internet site is one among those things that feel really hard if you haven't done it before, you are like, "Oh my God, I want to code, I want to try to do this which, HTML, CSS, Javascript." it is so easy lately. Hey friends, welcome back to the channel. during this video, we're talking about one of my favorite topics of all time which is the way to create an internet site. Now I have been making websites since about the age of 12, but five years ago, once I started my very own personal website that was one of the simplest decisions I've ever made in my life.

I'm gonna break down everything you would like to understand to make your own website. We'll start by talking about why you ought to have a private website, why it's something I like to recommend for everybody. Secondly, we'll mention the way to actually create our own personal website, the way to get a website, and which platforms to use both free and paid options. then we'll mention once you have a private website what the hell does one actually do with it, how are you able to make it nice work for you? So let's dive into it.

Why you ought to have a website?

Let's start by talking about why you ought to have a private website? you recognize everyone has Twitter and Instagram and likes, "Why do I want a private website? who started here on my personal website slightly below a year ago and has had all of those benefits in one form or another. 

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The advantage of having a private website is that it really helps you develop your own ideas. So with Sheen, for instance, she cares tons about women's empowerment and enjoys documenting life, as a Ph.D. student. and thru writing her weekly blog post she's just automatically become a far better writer and a far better communicator and she's better at developing her ideas overall. 

Now, this will seem quite kind of a soft kinda benefit just like the personal development side, of you are not like naturally into that thing. So benefit number two of writing online is that it actually really helps you in terms of your business life also. In Sheens' example, she started her website in June of 2020 and has been blogging more or less hebdomadally. And last year, when she was applying to a lot of jobs, there have been quite a few interviews that she had where the people on the interview panel had encountered her website.

They'd Googled her name and they'd found her blog and during away, the website acted as a kind of online CV. I'm curious about that thing myself, let's mention it." And lately, whatever professional field you're in you'll just about guarantee that your prospective employer is gonna be Googling you and if you've got your own website you've got this you recognize, you'll put your best foot forward. 

Benefit three of getting an internet site that you simply write of regularly or a blog is that it gives you tons of connections. So again, you know, on behalf of me as an example, I've made friends from all around the world from my website, through my YouTube channel, but I'm quite far before the method. "Oh, you're curious about period poverty and things like that, I'm performing on period poverty, let's get in-tuned, let's have a touch of chat about it.

Oh, you're curious about improving access to women's education, this is often actually a charity that I'm working for that does an equivalent thing, let's mention it." and thru that, she's made tons of interesting connections from all around the world. and since random people around the world have found Sheen's blog posts through her website, she's been invited to write down articles for publications, she's been featured in many publications, she's been invited on podcasts and interviews and she's been invited as a speaker on all kinds of these kinda global health event-type things. Which is strictly the type of cause that she cares about. This leads us onto benefit number five, that once you have a private website and you write of it regularly you'll have tons more impact than you'd if you are not on the web. and therefore the analogy that I prefer is that it's like back within the day, you imagine if you only lived during a single village and you never interacted with anyone outside your village. 

The amount of impact you'll have, (laughs) the quantity of opportunities you'll have, is pretty small, 'cause it's confined to your little village. But if you are the kind of person, back within the day, who every weekend you'd visit a special village, neighboring village and you would be traveling around and you would be making friends and saying hello to people and having conversations.

And if you're one among those people that enforce not having a web presence in some capacity not having like your best foot forward, not having a knowledgeable reputation that's on the web that's kind of the modern-day equivalent of just being confined to your little village, where the sole folks that you're really gonna interact But having that website that you simply write of regularly massively expands the potential impact of your work. You know, Sheen's had articles that she's written about women empowerment that has been shared many times.

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