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Sunday, August 22, 2021

The flaw in Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi's plans of fooling everyone

Erika Jayne, one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, is involved in a scandal with her ex-husband Tom Girardi, since apparently, their divorce is a move to cover up for stealing 2 million from legal settlements, including families of the victims of the 2018 Indonesian Lion Air crash. 

What's strange is that from the moment Girardi's law firm was sued for embezzlement, or misappropriation of funds that belong to another party, they announced their divorce, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and Jayne has revealed tough moments of their lives such as a near-fatal car crash in 2017. 

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But now, two-and-a-half years after the Lion Air plane crash, the families of the victims are still waiting for some of their settlement money after receiving only part of the final amount. They're now suing Girardi himself, claiming he stole millions of dollars that Boeing had agreed to pay the families in massive settlements, and even his own business partners sued him to dissolve any professional relationship with him. 

In fact, it's not the first time Girardi has been accused of stealing client funds. The lawsuit alleges he'd also withheld money from earthquake victims, cancer sufferers, and former workers from Lockheed Martin. More than 16 months after the Indonesian families accepted a settlement offer from Boeing, Girardi has still given them no explanation as to why they have not received the full amount owed to them, or where the money has gone. 

Meanwhile, Girardi and Erika had to maintain the lavish lifestyle that the public sees in the show. Just to have an idea, Erika reportedly spends 40 thousand dollars PER MONTH on her looks. Well, forty grand or not, she still looks like the dudes from White Chicks. 

Erika is desperately trying to prove that she did not know anything about her husband's criminal activities, even if her own businesses have benefited from massive loans to the tune of 25 million dollars. So, given all these circumstances, is Erika Jayne legit?

Is she really the victim here? 

We're going to dissect them, now! Welcome back, my Body Language Baddies! my name is Jesús Enrique Rosas, I'm the Body Language Guy, and it would be great if you join us. Let's get down to it! So there's footage from the show itself, where Erika tries to distance herself from the criminal activities of her husband, and at the same time tries to paint herself as a victim. 

She also points fingers at the lawsuit that suggests that their divorce is just a strategy so they can protect their asses... I mean, assets from these very heavy accusations: - And what's being said, I mean, it's just insane, that my divorce is a sham - And what's being said, I mean, it's just insane, that my divorce is a sham - So, when they say it's a sham... 

They say my divorce is a sham so I can help hide assets. Then the answer is no. Then the answer is no. - I know, sweetie - I know, sweetie To understand why Erika's gestures are a bit odd, it's important to know that she has always stated that there are, in fact, two different Erikas living in the same body. 

On one hand, Erika Girardi, the wife, the "housewife" so to speak who lives a life like everyone else, and "struggles" like everyone else. And the other Erika is Erika Jayne, who is the flamboyant performer, singer, show business persona that she crafted for herself. That is fine.

Most performers' personal lives are sometimes pretty much different from what we see on stage. Britney Spears is a good example since in person or in interviews she's always a bit shy, but when she's performing she literally unleashes her power, and in regards to having more than one 'personality, you'll remember the time when Beyoncé split into her Alter Ego Sasha Fierce. 

But the problem that I see here is that the reality show that ironically has a 'real' on its name has revealed that this supposed duality, in fact, does not exist. 

And we could watch hours of her antics in every episode and it will be really hard to find authentic emotional expressions, because her face, as well as everyone else's for that matter, is a single botox mask drilled deep into her skull. 

Checking out some of her interviews, it's a bit easier to watch a glimpse of the real human being in the exchanges with Jenny McCarthy and Larry King, but it's still hard to spot any solid emotional reactions on her face, or even her body and gestures. It always looks so plastic that it's really hard to feel empathy for her because we usually bond with people that we can relate to emotionally.

In some way or another, get to understand what she's been through. And it's not because she's in the show business because you can be an artist, such as Dolly Parton and Tina Turner, and still be authentic and mostly natural. 

Now, the question arises. Did Erika know about all that was happening with Tom before getting a divorce? Watch her response to a direct question: - Did you have a heads up? is that why you got divorced? 

No, I did not. - Did you have a heads up? is that why you got divorced? - No, I did not. It's really easy to spot that right before answering that "no, that she did not know about Tom's criminal activities before getting divorced", that she was nodding. 

She was subconsciously saying yes. In other moments of the program she's seen deflecting the question and not answering directly, such as in this one: - Orphans and widows, it makes you feel sick - Did you know of any of this? - No one knows the answer but him Since this is an edited trailer, we cannot be sure if she was answering that specific question, but, the sentence itself.

 "No one knows the answer but him"

This is a contrast against the fact that she has stated many times that the money involved was THEIR money, meaning Tom and Herself since they both pay taxes on those earnings. Now, I noticed a huge contradiction in Erika's fans all over the internet. 

They claim that she's a successful woman on her own, that she did not pay attention to anything that was happening with her husband, but then we got statements like this: - Why did you not leave if you knew he was cheating on you? - Where am I going? - You're so beautiful, you've got your full life ahead of you. - Where am I going? She wants to portrait herself as if she was a victim that had no allowances, barely a credit card, that her husband controlled everything that she spent. That's the part I don't get. 

Wasn't she supposedly a performer, entrepreneur on her own? And for God's sake, there are public statements that Erika's company received those 25 million dollars in loans from Girardi. 

So you might think that it could have been an influx of cash or investment for her business, right? And when she first wanted to become an entertainer many years ago, Tom made sure to find the best agents, the best producers, the best anything to get her career going, it would make sense to look for the best business advisors since he was loaning that amount of money to her companies. 

So that doesn't make sense, and even less sense if Erika says that she doesn't have any place to go, even if her husband's assets are frozen. But do you know what makes sense? jewelry and luxury items. Two things that were constantly displayed publicly in their lifestyle and there are all the records you want in the show itself. 

And do you know what? jewelry and luxury items have always been a great way to hide assets since they give a level of murkiness to your net worth and they're easy to move or just stash somewhere. AND they're mentioned in the lawsuit against them. Erika can cry as much as she wants, even if she forgets to put on waterproof mascara, just like the one that she wore when she gave that Ted Talk and 'cried' onstage, but the problem is that by her own accounts, the way she's trying to play the victim, doesn't fit with those public records. It's a contradiction in itself. 

In regards to Tom having Alzheimer's, I think that is pointless because in no way can take his responsibility away from everything that he's done. What I did notice is that his ability to give interviews has declined year after year. 

He takes more time to respond, he speaks softer, he doesn't have the same energy, and since he's past 80 years old and obviously he hasn't taken his physical health that seriously then it's not that far-fetched that he could be suffering from that illness. I cannot make a diagnosis but the signs are out there. 

As for Erika, the fact that her company received that money from Tom and there was no apparent plan on how to invest it, doesn't fit with the controlling persona of Tom, which in turn reinforces the fact that they were just trying to hide it from authorities. 

And Erika not knowing about what did 25 million dollars were doing in her company, a company that is basically herself, that sounds implausible. 

One more thing! - We got bills to pay - Yeah, absolutely I've got more articles that you can check now to keep improving your body language skills to detect hidden intentions. Take care, my Body Language Buddies!

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