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Thursday, September 2, 2021

'Shark Tank' Stars Sued for FRAUD

‘Shark Tank’ star Kevin O'Leary and former star Kevin Harrington face allegations of fraud. during a lawsuit filed by 20 people from across the country, the 2 famous business investors are accused of scamming and manipulating hopeful entrepreneurs.

Shark tank star Kevin O'Leary and former shark Kevin Harrington are facing allegations of fraud you know we've built an iconic platform for entrepreneurs the famous business investors have been accused of scamming and manipulating hopeful entrepreneurs in a lawsuit filed by 20 people across the country e.t has reached out to Harrington and O'Leary for comment according to court documents obtained by e.t O'leary and Harrington are being accused of working together to defraud people through the alleged use of quote fictional executives false promises of financial success and even illusions of being on the show shark tank itself the reason.

They call me mr wonderful is I'm the only shark that tells the truth specifically the two allegedly employed a quote predatory fraud scheme to induce inventors and entrepreneurs to hire one of the two companies inventors or ideas on the entrepreneurs claim they were promised that they would receive help with crowdfunding to start their businesses.

If they invested financial resources into them after the entrepreneurs paid inventor x and ideas on they claimed they didn't receive the help that was promised they also say that these companies might not even really exist and allege that they could both be a front for scamming upstart investors according to the docs Harrington quotes a partner and primary executive of inventors and O'Leary allegedly quote endorsed and recommended the same two companies the entrepreneurs.

O'Leary to pay for damages economic loss emotional distress and legal fees O'Leary has been a part of the shark tank since 2009 I'll give you the 200 000 as a loan.

A fail and I'll only and I'll only take eight percent equity while Harrington appeared regularly in the first two seasons of the show you're here to do a deal today I'm ready to do a deal et spoke with O'Leary in 2018 where he opened up about keeping it real on shark tank and what impresses him in a hopeful contestant.

When people walk in this door with their hope and their dream it can be intimidating but do you turn it up a little do you turn the heat up I don't like it when they're crying and all that stuff come on you know this is business it's tough you can't make it through here what's the real world going to do to you you've got to perform here very well you've got to leave here with investment and we want you to know your numbers but you've got to show us that you know what you're doing and then the real world will kick you know what out of you afterward you.

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