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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Websites Photos That You Can Copy & Sell To Earn Money Online

 Hey, everyone. And today, I'm gonna be teaching you how to get two things for free. The first thing is free photos. Yep, in this article, I'm gonna show you how to find stunning photos online that you can copy and reuse for free. Yep, for free. And I'm even gonna show you case studies of some creative ways that people all across the globe are copying these photos and reselling them to earn extra cash online through some fun online side hassles. My hope is that seeing these case studies of how people are earning money from free photos, that might inspire you to come up with your own ideas for how you can use these stunning free photos, too.

So that is one thing that I'm gonna be teaching you how to get for free. The second thing is my eternal gratitude for taking a moment out of your very busy day to give my article alike and to subscribe, because seriously, every time you do it, it genuinely supports me. So thank you so much to those of you out there that take a moment to do so. There it is. 

Once you've gone ahead and clicked the Like button and gotten my eternal gratitude for free, we can move on to why you're actually here, and that is to find photos that you can copy, use, and sell for free legally, because that's the thing, right? That is something a lot of people don't think about, and it's one of the biggest mistakes I see people make when they want to find photos to use is that they come to Google Images, search for what they want, and then just take any photo that they find here. But here's the thing. 

If I came and just copied this photo, that would be illegal, and it could get me into trouble, and that's because the moment you create any sort of art, That means that only you are allowed to use it, which includes reselling it. And something a lot of people don't realize is you don't even need to apply for copyright protection. It's instant. No registration is required. And so, because it is Britannica that owns the copyright to this photo, only they can use it, not me. 

But you know what? While it would be illegal for me to use that photo, it would be perfectly legal for me to come and take this photo and then print it onto a range of different print-on-demand merchandise, like posters, phone cases, and even shower curtains, and then sell it. So why is it legal for me to resell this photo? The public domain simply refers to art, such as pictures and photos, which no longer has any copyright protection and can now be used by anyone for any legal purpose, including resell. And there are two ways that an image can lose its copyright protection. The first reason is that copyright protection doesn't last forever. 

Eventually, it expires. And so once it expires, because no one owns any copyright protection, it enters the public domain, which is why it is absolutely legal for you to resell the "Mona Lisa" painting on a poster. Why? Well, let's because any copyright protections on the "Mona Lisa" expired a long time ago.

So that is one way that a picture can enter the public domain, but there is another way, and that is that artists such as photographers can choose to waive the copyrights on the photos they take and declare their photos is having a CC0 license, which, in other words, means they declare it as being in the public domain. And that's what happened to this photo. The photographer waived the copyrights to it and declared it to be in the public domain. And so these are the sorts of photos that I'm gonna be showing you how to find online. 

Yep, I'm gonna be showing you my favorite websites where photographers have placed their stunning photos into the public domain for free. But before I do that, I must do the standard YouTube legal disclaimer that you probably heard a million times before, and that disclaimer is this. I am not a lawyer. This is not official legal advice. This article is my personal opinion only, and very importantly, this article should not be used as a replacement for a lawyer. Great. Awesome. Excellent. This is an awesome website to specifically find public domain photos. Every single photo on here has a public domain license. Every time that someone uploads a photo here, they have to agree that a public domain CC0 license will now be applied to their photo. 

So to find a photo of what you're looking for, come to the search bar and do a search. So now, I've got a bunch of photos of dogs that have all been given a public domain license. So this is how I was able to find that photo of the dog that I showed earlier in the article. And downloading is easy. Just click on the photo that you want to use, and you'll be taken to a photo page where you can choose what size you want to download it in. So that is my first website. 

Onto the next one, which is quite different from PIXNIO, because as you will see, while it does indeed have quite a lot of free public domain photos, So that website is Wikimedia Commons. Now, this is part of the Wikimedia Foundation, which also owns Wikipedia. Here, photographers can submit their photos to be included in the gallery, and these images then get used on Wikipedia entries. Millions of images have been uploaded to Wikimedia, and all of them are free to use. However, just because photos are free doesn't mean that they are in the public domain.  

So for example, take this photo here. This butter has a CC3 share-alike license. With this license, while the photo is free to use, it has additional restrictions on it. For example, you have to attribute the original photographer each time you use it, whereas if you come to the photo that is right next to it, this photo here has a Creative Commons 0 license, which is another way of saying that it is in the public domain, and as long as you aren't breaking another law by using it, you can use it for any personal or commercial purpose restriction-free. Yay. 

The thing about Wikimedia, though, is that while there are so many awesome photos in here that you can use, because of the fact that different photos on here have different licenses, I don't really think that it's very beginner-friendly to use, which is why I recommend that you use it in conjunction with my next website, If you're a longtime subscriber, you'll probably recognize this website, since I previously featured it as a way to find artwork for free, too. 

But it's not just artwork that you can get for free. You can search for photos by coming to the search engine and searching through their stock photos. is constantly searching through the internet, looking for free public domain photos, and then combining them into an awesome library like this, making them really easy to search through. So for example, take this photo here. This photo wasn't uploaded directly to Instead, they found this public domain photo on Wikimedia. Then they downloaded it and added it to the free photo library. 

And I generally find that it's easier and more convenient to browse through to find images on Wikimedia than it is to browse through Wikimedia itself. But it's not just Wikimedia that they collect images from. As I said, they look for public domain images across the internet, download them, and collect them. So for example, take this photo here, and instead of Wikimedia, you will see that this photo was originally sourced from Pixabay. Now, the thing about Pixabay is that Pixabay is a source of thousands of incredible, stunning public domain photos. 

So here's Pixabay. As you can see here, it looks a lot like PIXNIO, doesn't it? This is a website where photographers can come and upload their photos so that people can copy them and download them for free. Except here's the thing. Unlike PIXNIO, where if you upload a photo, it by default gets a public domain license, here on Pixabay, if you upload a photo, it is instead given a custom Pixabay license that has some major restrictions on what type of commercial purposes you can use it for. But you see, here's the thing about Pixabay. 

It didn't use to be like this. Instead, they used to be like PIXNIO. Yep, prior to January 9th, 2019, just like PIXNIO, all photos that were uploaded to Pixabay were given a public domain license, and it wasn't until Canva went and purchased the website that they changed this on January 9th, 2019. They added the custom Pixabay license with commercial restrictions and applied it to all new images that were added to the website. But here's the thing. 

Once you put a photo in the public domain, it is there forever. There are no takes-backsies, Canva. And so has also collected the photos that were uploaded to Pixabay with a public domain license and added them into the library as well, which is super convenient. And because they also link back to the original page that they got it from on Pixabay, it makes it very easy to double-cheek, so that we can see that, yes, this image was uploaded prior to January 9th, 2019, so it was placed the public domain when it was uploaded. 

And you see, here's the thing, right? It's good to double-check because when you copy and download a photo that you find on the internet, it is legally up to you to determine whether it was actually in the public domain because you see, here's the thing. If someone steals a photo from a photographer's website and uploads it to PIXNIO without the photographer's permission, it wasn't actually in the public domain. Nope, only the person who owns the copyright has the ability to waive it, such as the photographer themselves. 

Stolen copies don't count.TinEye is a reverse image search engine. So let's say that you wanted to find out more about the history of this cute little puppy picture here. Well, what you can do is you can download it and then come to TinEye and upload it. Now TinEye will scour the internet, looking for other websites that it can find that are also using this photo. Obviously, you can't count on it to catch every single instance of it, but it's still very helpful in seeing what it finds. 

And when we do that for this, we can see that the very first website that it can find that it was uploaded to was Pixabay. Yay. So those are some of my favorite websites for finding free photos, but of course, I also promised you that I would show you some cool creative ways that people are using these free photos to earn money online. So then let's head on over to another website, Etsy. Yep, if we come here, we can find lots of creative ways that people are using public domain photos and repurposing them into products to sell. 

Now, I should note that Etsy is a private website, and so while it's perfectly legal to sell public domain photos, that doesn't mean that a website like Etsy can't choose to restrict how they are used on their website. So be sure to read Etsy's terms and conditions before doing so to see what the rules are around the usage. And also keep in mind that the rules might be different from when you're reading them compared to when I am filming this article, so I strongly recommend that you take a moment to read Etsy's terms and conditions as they are written today. But, yes, back to our examples. So if you're a longtime subscriber to this channel, you might know that camels are one of my favorite animals and that I like camel things. 

And so for fun, the other day, I came here and did a search for camel prints, and as I was browsing through these, I was just like, wait a minute. Is that my print? Yep, it turns out that this camel print that I bought from a local furniture shop here in New Zealand is actually an edited version of this popular public domain photo that was first uploaded to Pixabay in 2012. Isn't that pretty amazing? And so here on Etsy, so you will see that there are two ways that people are making money from this photo. The first is that there are multiple sellers on here that have edited the photo to remove the background and play around with the colors and are then selling it as a wall print. 

And actually, did you know that you can also sell wall prints and posters for free online to earn money? That's right. You can legally create your own wall prints for free with the help of public domain photos and then sell them online to earn extra cash. And that is all thanks to something called print-on-demand, and if you'd like to learn how I and others are using print-on-demand to make money every day, you should be sure to download my free ebook, "The 6 Steps That 6-Figure Online Stores Follow to Make Over $10,000 a month," and you'll find a link to download my free Ebook in the article. But anyway, back to the article. 

Onto the second way that people are using this photo to make money, and that is they've also turned their edited pictures into a digital download. Yep, these Etsy listings aren't for a physical wall print. It's for just a pack of picture files that you can purchase and then download and print out to make your own poster from home. And actually, did you know that editing photos of removing the backgrounds from them are surprisingly easy? Yep, as my longtime subscribers know, one of my favorite tools to edit pictures online is this one here, Canva. 

I'll have a link to Canva in the video description below. But yes, using Canva, you can upload a photo, and then you can remove the background from it with a click of a button. And you know what? I did some research, and it turns out that this method of taking public domain photos and then removing the background and then placing them onto a white background has been popular with other types of animals, too. But yes, as you can see, through creativity and ingenuity, people all around the world, including here in New Zealand, have been able to take free photos like this online and then turn them into something new and then sell them to customers like me. 

So then, did my video inspire you? If it did, please hit Subscribe and click that little notification bell so you don't miss any of my videos, and if you'd like to learn more about other ways that you can earn money online for free, you should be sure to watch my article.

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